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Congrats! We are all going to get sozzled

Congrats! We Are All Going To Get Sozzled

Sozzled (adjective, informal): to get very drunk

Example: Congrats on passing your exam! We are all going to get sozzled!

Congratulations on your wedding! We’re all going to get sozzled!

Congrats on your newfound freedom! Don’t think about him tonight, we’re all going to get sozzled!

Say congrats to a loved one and pre-warn them of the impending drinking session with this vibrant and fun eCard that you can send by email or SMS to brighten their day.

A casual wedding or general congratulations eCard with the words ‘CONGRATS! WE ARE ALL GOING TO GET SOZZLED’ in white against an ombre background of orange and pink. The word ‘Sozzled’ is blurred.

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