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Without you, Happy Mother's Day!

Without You, Happy Mother's Day!

Mothers are superheroes in disguise! How can one person keep an entire family alive and on time and be so fabulous while doing so? Let your mum know she’s the Wonder Woman in your life with this cute Mother’s Day eCard that confirms without her, you and your siblings would be lost in a sea of chaos, constantly running late, hungry and searching for your shoes in the morning. Bring a smile to your mum’s face and remind her just how much you appreciate all the hard work and love she puts into your family.

A Mother’s day eCard that says ‘Happy Mother’s Day! WITHOUT YOU, WE’D ALL BE STARVING, RUNNING LATE AND LOOKING FOR OUR SHOES.’ in pink on a mint green background. There are illustrations of pink love hearts, white dots, a watch, black casual shoes and a sandwich.

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