Making a Change With Thread Together

Making a Change With Thread Together | Feel Good Ink

Making a Change With Thread Together

Breaking news: Feel Good Ink has an exciting new partner. Like, a really exciting new partner. Like a ‘we’re gonna write a whole dedicated blog post about them because we think they’re that great’ kind of new partner.

So who is it that we’re so excited about? Meet Thread Together - an answer to the fashion waste in Australia.

The Story of Thread Together

Thread Together’s founder, Andie Halas, had the simple idea that unsold new clothing could be given to people in need. Access to adequate clothing is recognised as a basic human right, but there are 3.4 million Australians who are going without. Andie saw a need for a change in the system. How could it be that all of these people lack access to basic items like a warm winter jumper, comfortable shoes, shorts and tees for the warmer weather or even a clean pair of underwear, while tons and tons of perfectly good clothing ends up in landfill?

So, Thread Together was founded to initiate that change. To achieve their goal of providing new wardrobes to those who need it most, such as refugees, those in emergency accommodation, those fleeing domestic violence or bushfires, they needed to collaborate. Thread Together worked to partner with hundreds of fashion brands, a network of charities and social service agencies, and thousands of volunteers with a common goal in mind: keeping clothing in circulation and reducing landfill.

Thread Together has grown tremendously as a sustainable fashion organisation over the last 10 years, and the passionate individuals who make up the ever-growing team are making a real change in the world. 

Today, Thread Together clothes thousands of people across Australia every week, and is recognised by the Fashion Industry as the most ethical solution to fashion excess.

How Does Your Donation Help?

Each time you send a card with Feel Good Ink, a minimum of $2 will go towards a charity or partner of your choice. That means, every time you send a card and choose to direct your donation to Thread Together, you’re actively helping provide new clothing to someone in need. 

If you’re feeling extra generous, you’ll also have the option to bump up your donation to an amount of your choosing, and 100% of that will go straight to the partner you’ve chosen. For example, if you choose to bump your donation up to $5, you’ll be giving a brand new complete wardrobe to someone in need. And for each extra $5 that’s another complete wardrobe for someone else. So, in theory, a donation of $100 has the power to provide new clothing for 20 people in need. How cool is that!?

How Thread Together Are Changing The Fashion Industry

Thread Together is the number one waste-reducing Australian ethical fashion solution. Above all, the organisation strives to give make a difference in two main ways:

  1. Making the planet a better, more sustainable place. By saving fashion from landfill and placing it back into circulation, waste pollution is reduced.
  2. Dignifying people who are in difficult situations. By being able to choose clothing that best represents themselves, and to shop like anyone else would, people who are experiencing tough circumstances are empowered with a sense of normality and equality.

Thread Together partners with the fashion industry to collect brand new excess clothing, and then distributes it to people in need through various services. These include an online store, a mobile wardrobe service, clothing fashion hubs and inbuilt wardrobe collections in crisis accommodation - plus they’re working on more so they can continue to reach as many communities as possible. 

Want To Get Involved With Thread Together?

When it comes to sustainable fashion charities, Thread Together is leading the movement. While the work they do is impressive, it wouldn’t be possible without the support of their corporate and community volunteers to help deliver their service to people in need.

So, if you’re not in a position to donate, but would like to help make a difference to the lives of people doing it tough, why not volunteer? Thread Together are always looking for more superstar volunteers in Melbourne and Sydney. To get involved, click here.

To learn more about the incredible work Thread Together is doing, visit their website

But first, don’t forget to send your digital greeting card and make your first donation with Feel Good Ink.

28th April, 2023